We will present you with a selection of activities on Saturday the 8th of April, the night before the Conference starts.

You will have a choice of cultural and less-cultural and not-at-all-cultural activities, ranging from the famous Opera, the Music Palace (MÜPA) with its excellent acoustics, the Franz Liszt Music Academy, the Vigado cultural palace, the RAM Colosseum for dance, the various musea, theatres, the most decorated and most beautiful Grand Cafe in the World: the New York Cafe, the well known Gerbeau patisserie/cafe, the Central Cafe, the old Jewish District with its 'ruin pubs', Jazz Cafes like Jedermann and IF cafe, both in Raday Utca at walking distance from the Mercure Hotel, a list of excellent and affordable restaurants like the Apostolok in Kigyo Utca, or the classic restaurants used by princes and kings and other Important People, the Gundel Restaurant next to the zoo.... or, if you want to do some shopping at Prada and the other top brands: the Andrassy Ut, the Champs Elysees of Budapest, or the Vaci Utca, for fashion shops like Desigual, MaxMara and Mango... Or, just stroll along the Danube?

Be impressed by the amazing art-deco and Jugendstil architecture of all the restored and not-yet restored buildings. The Parliament, in the style of Westminster but just a few inches larger than the British one.. Enjoy the spectacular panorama from the Castle, or visit the baths.

Budapest has so much to offer, you just have to arrive early and follow this page!