How to Get to Budapest



The easy way to get to Budapest is to fly.

Numerous low cost or fair price airlines like the Hungarian WizzAir, Dutch Transavia, Irish Ryanair , Belgian Brussels Airlines, British easyJet or German Wings and Air Berlin fly to BUD, Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2), next to KLM, Air France, Lufthansa and all the others.


From the airport, the easy way to get into town is to take an official taxi, or buy public transport tickets in the arrivals hall. There is a special BKK sales point were you can buy day cards etc or at the Replay kiosk opposite the BKK sales point. What you need to get into town is a so-called double ticket. It consists of 2 numbered tickets (1 and 2). You use the first one in the bus, the second in the connecting metro line 3. Price about 540 forint (around 1.50 euro). Alternatively, you buy 2 regular tickets for 350 ft each. A booklet of 10 costs 300 each. During rush hours, it usually is rather busy in the metro, so try to avoid using metros, buses and trams in those periods.


Leaving the arrivals hall, you immediately turn right and walk towards the airport bus stop 200E, that leaves every 8 to 15 minutes for Kőbánya-Kispest. Stay in the bus till it reaches the very last stop. This is a large shopping centre. Follow the Metro M3 signs. The metro starts from here so no issue which direction to go. The metro line 3 is using typical 60s carriages. Quite an experience, compared with the brand new Metro line 4 just opened a year ago.  If you stay at the Mercure Korona – as we advice you to do – or Erzsébet City Center Hotel, you get off the metro at Kálvin tér (tér stands for square) and use the exit Kecskeméti Utca. You will find the Mercure Korona immediately in front of you. To go to the Erzsébet City Center Hotel, you continue along the Kecskeméti Utca, pass the Egyetem Tér (University square) with the famous Eötvös Loránd University and continue along the Károlyi utca, where you will find the Erzsébet City Center Hotel at number 11 on your left hand.




To get to Corvinus

You simply walk along the broad avenue Kalvin Tér in the direction of the Danube, follow Vámház körút and you arrive at Fővam Tér where you find the entrance to Corvinus on the left.

For the lazy ones among us: just take metro line 4 (the brand new one) in the direction of Kelenföld vasútállomás and get off at the next stop: at Fővam Tér. A compromise is taking tram number 47 or 49 and get off at Fővam Tér.

Of course, there are taxis but make sure you have a regular cab and not a cowboy!

To get into town, walk in the opposite direction towards Deak Ter, or take the metro one stop. If you need restaurants and cafes, just cross the road and go into Raday Utca.



Driving to Budapest is easy. Just pass Vienna or drive via Bratislava and continue the Motorway towards Budapest. Trust your navigation system and fill in the proper address of your Hotel. Petrol is cheapest in Austria but also rather cheap in Hungary. You have to buy an electronic motorway vignette at any petrol station before entering the Motorway.


Trains and buses

Trains stop at various stations, depending of their city of origin. Best to take the metro from there to link up to the metro 3 and its stop; Kálvin tér if you stay at the Mercure Korona or Erzsébet City Center Hotel.