Budapest ↔ Balatonfüred


How to get from Budapest to Balatonfüred and back?


Budapest → Balatonfüred


On Sunday, we will organise several coaches, leaving from Budapest and bringing you straight to Balatonfüred. The bus is scheduled to stop at Silverine Lake Resort Hotel before terminating at the Anna Grand Hotel.

The buses leave from the narrow street left of the so-called modern Balna building along the Danube. Click on “BUS DEPARTURE “A” to get the map with the walking route from Corvinus.

Departure Buses from Corvinus

3 buses leave from Corvinus at 16h. A last bus leaves from the airport at 17:00 hours. Passengets are collecetd by 2 IPSERA Hostesses and guided to the bus. This bus picks up the remaining JPSM participants at around 17:20 from Corvinus at Fovam Tér. Travel time from the City Center to Balatonfüred is around 1h 50 minutes. In case you arrive late at the airport, we advise you to take the public bus from the regional bus station Népliget either on Sunday evening or Monday morning. The first bus on Monday is a direct connection and leaves Budapest Nepliget at 06:30.

The Welcoming reception and Buffet at the Anna Grand Hotel is scheduled to start at 19.30 on Sunday.

We offer the trip Budapest>Balatonfüred for free.


Balatonfüred → ✈ BUD


Coaches are scheduled at 12:00h to return participants to the airport of Budapest after the conference. If requested, passengers can get off at the bus may stop at Újbuda-központ, where they can take Metro line 4.


In case participants want to leave before lunch time on Wednesday, you have to organise transport on demand. We will discuss this with the Anna Grand Hotel staff what will be the most convenient and affordable way to organise.


This time, for the coach, a one way ticket has been fixed at 15 euro for the return 129 km.  Please register and pay cash in Euro at the registration desk, so we can plan the required capacity in time. In case you have no Euro, you can pay with 5.000 forint.


Public Transport




During the week of the conference there will be no rail connection. Instead replacement buses will be operated. (A lot of inconvenience and much longer travelling time.)


Railway schedule from Kelenföld Railway station. You can reach that station from the airport by:

Taking bus 200E to Koybana Kispesth (terminal) and take metro line 3 there.  In Kalvin Tér, you have to change to metro line 4 towards Kelenföld Station.

From Corvinus or the Mercure, you just have to enter the metro station at either Fovam Tér or Kalvin Tér and take metro line 4 towards Kelenföld.

In case you have a problem: type in

The link to the Hungarian train schedule in English:

You usually have to change in Székesféhervár; only few direct trains run that day, at 12:07 and 16:07 with 1:51h travel time.

The schedule for Wednesday 12th April applies to Kobanya-Kispest railway station, where you can take the 200E bus to the airport. Alternatively, you fill in Ketenföld if you want to go to the city, or stay on board of the train for the final station, Deli, where you can take metro line 2.

As you can see, the 3:41 train arrives 3 hours later. Add about 30 minutes for the bus ride with the 200E bus to List Ferenc 2 Terminal. Do not get off at Feheregy Terminal 1!

Train tickets will cost around 2.500 forint (approx 8 euro)¸Pensioners are free or pay only 175 forint registration fee (about 50 Euro cent)



To get to the Budapest Regional Busstation Népliget from the airport, you have to take the 200E bus to Kobanya Kispest and metro line 3 from there. Get off at Népliget metro station and follow the directons to the bus station (turn left on leaving the metro entrance into the underground hall and corridor).. You can buy a ticket in the bus which will cost you up to 2.400 or 2.700 forint. Pensioners only pay the 175 forint registration fee.

Bus leaving from Budapest for Balatonfüred, passing through Shékesféhervár and Veszprém.

Budapest Népliget >> Balatonfüred:

On Sunday 9 April:


16:15     direct bus                            18:10

16:30     direct bus                            19.00

18:15     change Veszprém            21:13

20:45     change Veszprém            23:14

21:00     direct bus                            23:20

21:25     change to train in S.        00:06 at Balatonfüred train station


On Monday, 10 April, in case:

06:30     direct bus                   08:45

06:45     change Veszprém            09:12


Balatonfüred >> Budapest Népliget on 12 April 2017

04:55     change Veszprém            08:00  you have 20 minutes to walk about 20 meter, snacks available

05:55     change Fűzfőgyártelep 08:15

06:10     change Veszprém            08:55  you have 2 min to change in Veszprém, so be ready on arrival

06:20     change Veszprém            09:15  you have 17 minutes to change in Veszprém

07:30     direct bus                    09:40

08:20     change Veszprém            10:50  you have 3 minutes to change bus, so be ready on arrival

09:05     change Veszprém            12:00  you have 2 minutes to change bus; 1 will actually do..

10:45     direct bus                     12:50

11:25     change Veszprém               14:05  you have 10 minutes to change bus

12:00     direct bus                      14:10

12:30     change Veszprém                15:30 you have 12 min. to change but maybe better to take the IPSERA bus…


Please check on (Volanbusz) in case you want to be sure…