Join the IPSERA Conference and enjoy special hotel conditions. For Budapest, we are aware that there are hundreds of hotels, but we picked just one 4 star Hotel - the Mercure Korona at Kalvin Ter - and two three star hotels close to the Mercure: Erszebet City and Ibis. Reason for this selection is that we would like to keep you together at walking distance from the venue for Sunday - Corvinus University. Also, we assume you would like to meet the other participants rather than being alone. But, feel free to book any other hotel if you want to. We just think these selected ones are convenient and make it easier to assemble for events and activities. Also, when arriving, they are next to (Korona) or very close (IBIS and Erszebet City) to metro line 3 (Kalvin Ter station) that links to the airport bus 200E and metro line 4 that is only one stop away from Corvinus.

The two Budapest hotels that offer special rates to guests visiting IPSERA 2017 are the Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel **** and IBIS Raday Utca Hotel***. Please just add the keyword “IPSERA” to your registration. 

In Mercure Korona, the rates for a 15m2 room are EUR 83 for single occupancy and EUR 93 for double occupancy, including VAT, 4% Tourist tax, free Wi-Fi and a buffet breakfast. A special link on our conference web site to this hotel is in the making but you have to use the IPSERA code in any case. Enough rooms are reserved for us up to end of January 2017. When comparing prices with Booking.Com: those rooms refer to smaller 11m2 rooms and prices likely to be without Tourist tax and breakfast.

What is important is that these two hotels are next to the Metro stops 3 and 4,  situated 15 minutes walk from Corvinus University or 1 metro stop or 5 minutes tram ride to Fovam Ter with Corvinus, and in addition are right in the city centre of Budapest, close to everything.

Another recommended 3 star Hotel is The Erszebet City Hotel ***, part of the Danubius Group. It is selected by us and the visiting IPSERA Executive as being comfortable and spacious. It is in a very nice part of the city, just 2 minutes away from Metro line 3 stop Ferenciek Tér, 5-8 minutes’ walk from the Mercure Korona and Kalvin Tér metro station – or one metro stop from Ferenciek Tér with M3. Please use to book. Rates start at 50 euro if you have a Genius discount with

The quoted rate for Mercure IBIS Raday Utca are 76 eur (single occupancy) and 84 (occupancy). Incl VAT, 4% Tourist tax and buffet breakfast.
You may opt for the Erszebet City Hotel for its cheaper rates and more attractive Hotel. This is quite a nice hotel, just 5 to 8 minutes walk from the Mercure.

In Balatonfüred, we have the Anna Grand Hotel**** as Conference venue and strategic partner. Because of that, we got very special room rates for participants in that hotel. But, since the hotel only has less than 100 rooms, we have selected a few other hotels, at about 7 minutes in walking distance from the Conference venue. The room rate for our preferred partner - Anna Grand Hotel is just one rate for either a standard or luxury room. We strongly recommend not to wait too long with your reservation.

Rates are:
71 EUR for single occupancy (incl VAT and champagne breakfast)
89 EUR for double occupancy (incl VAT and champagne breakfast)

The moment Anna Grand is completely booked, we will give you the details of the other hotels, just 7 till 12 minutes walk away. For 3 star hotels we recommend to use In case you are looking for a romantic mansion type hotel - where you would need a car to get at and from - please send us a email

Be aware that today - 2 Feb 2017, only 15 bookable rooms are available through Anna Grand: 2 rooms in the Anna Grand Hotel and 13 rooms in the Ipoly Residence. When booked up, you have to book with Silverine Hotel Balatonfüreed through

You have to follow the special instructions when making a reservation with Anna Grand Hotel (you can use the link on our web site, if you like, or go directly to their booking system):

After the guests selected the dates for their booking, in the next step they should give the promotion code: IPSERA. It is important, that it must be with capital letters. On English site: click on "Enter promotional code (optional)", enter the code IPSERA than click "apply". On German site: click on "Gutscheincode eingeben (optional)", enter the code IPSERA , than click on "anwenden". Only after these steps should be clicked on the "search" button.

In all our selected hotels - Korona, IBIS and Erzsebet City Centre - family rooms are available, but usually in a limited number. So: do not wait too long when you would like to book these. Use any information box available on a booking site or send an additional email to be sure. Both 4 star hotels are very cooperative and service oriented.